VOC Mitigation

This System is designed to mitigate Perchloroethane (PCE) vapors steming from a contaminated groundwater plume. Utilizing two suction points on the rear of the building this design depressurizes two separate sub slab partitions  separated by a wall/footing. Effectively using one system to depressurize two separate commercial centers.

With dedicated flow-valves for each suction point, this system is designed to independently fine tune the pressure extension field of each suction point.

The same basic principals used in radon mitigation are applicable in most vapor intrusion cases, with sub-slab depressurization being the most effective method.


Commercial Radon Mitigation


This radon mitigation system was designed to mitigate a 10,000 sq ft facility. Utilizing a powerful inline fan with large 6″ schedule 40 pvc we were allowed to¬† design a cost effective means of mitigation without having to resort to a multiple system solution.