Standard External Radon Mitigation Systems.

These systems have to be installed with the fan on the exterior of the house. The piping must exhaust 10′ above the ground, 1′ above the roof-line, and either 2′ above any window or 10′ away from any window the exhaust is below.

…………………….Radon System on Brick


IMG_4786                          IMG_4333

IMG_4566                          IMG_4536

Interior Radon Mitigation Systems (Garage/Attic).

Interior designs are often the most aesthetically appealing, with only one foot of exposed exhaust pipe. Some systems can be routed through closets, interior walls or chases. Typicall interior systems are routed through an attached garage with the fan installed in the garage attic space.  Insulation is highly recommended  to prevent condensation issues (condensation will form in the summer as the pipe is colder than the attic air).

IMG_2628                          Radon Pipe in Garage

IMG_4904                          IMG_4083



Custom Radon Mitigation Systems

Systems can be designed to meet you’re aesthetic needs. Downspout can be used in place of schedule 40 PVC although this can lead to higher condensation levels. This particular system utilized the new “Flat” radon fan design along with soldered copper downspout.


Sump Pumps & Manometers

Sumps must be sealed  with a sump cover that has a view-port to ensure proper sump operation. All systems are installed with a manometer (pressure gauge) to ensure sub-slab depressurization.

(See Sump Page for More Information)

IMG_2896            IMG_4648           Static Pressure Manometer, Radon


Crawl Space Encapsulation

Some crawl spaces may need to be sealed. These are typically open-dirt areas under new additions of a home. These areas are  radon sources and need to be sealed, a 2nd suction point may also need to be added. WR&E uses 2 ply polyethylene sheeting with a diamond scrim netting to strengthen the seal and prevent any tears.

IMG_4085           IMG_2864           IMG_4087

Improperly Installed Radon Mitigation Systems

These systems were installed by uncertified contractors and resulted in delayed or canceled real estate transactions.


Radon System Code Violation: Interior Fan                                Radon Fans Can Not be Installed in the Basement