Radon Testing

We provide short term (48hr) testing in residential homes with state of the art continuous radon monitors. Our quick on-site reports give you the information you need when you need it. For more information on radon please visit our Radon? page.

Real estate measurements are made by N.E.H.A. and N.R.P.P. certified individuals,  in the lowest level suitable for occupancy, typically the basement, under the following closed house conditions. These conditions must be initiated 12hrs prior to the test for the test to be valid.

Client is responsible for the following closed house conditions for 12 hours prior to short-term radon testing beginning:

      • A. All external doors should be closed, except for normal entry and exit.
      • B. All windows should be closed.
      • C. Internal-external air exchange systems should be off. Examples include; high-volume attic fans, whole house fans, and window fans. Exceptions to this rule are Air-to air heat exchangers, air conditioning systems that recycle indoor air, and furnaces.
      • D. Ceiling fans, portable dehumidifier and air filters should not be used within 20 feet of the monitor.
      • E. Fireplaces should not be used during the test period and the flu damper should be kept closed, unless they are a primary heat source.
      • F. Dryers, range hoods and bathroom exhaust fans can be used in moderation.
      • G. If your home has a radon mitigation system, the system shall be running for at least 24 hours prior and continuously during the testing period.
      • H. If home is unoccupied, heating or air conditioning system must be set between 67-77F with fan in AUTO mode.

Radon levels fluctuate naturally. An initial test might not be an accurate assessment of a home’s average radon level. Transient weather can affect short-term measurements. Therefore, a high result (over 4 pCi/l) justifies repeating the test before undertaking more expensive abatement projects.

We utilize Femto-Tech 510 and Sun Nuclear 1027 continuous radon monitors. These radon measurement monitors provide quick and accurate measurements. The Femto-Tech 510 is a precise airborne alpha radiation detection instrument based on  “Pulsed Ion Chamber” technology. Ions created form alpha radiation are detected by an electrometer and measured accordingly. The Femto-Tech also measures correlative temperature, Rh, and barometric pressure to give a more advanced view of the  environmental variables that often impact radon levels. The Sun Nuclear 1027 uses a “Solid State Silicon Detector” to accurately detect radon levels. Alpha particles from radon and its decay products impact a silicon chip which provides an electric pulse that is plotted and averaged over the duration of the radon measurement test.