Sump Basins


Sump basins MUST to be sealed to allow for proper pressure extension and to ensure that interior air is not being exhausted through the system. Interior air exhausted to the exterior can cause backdrafting of naturally vented appliances, typically water heaters. WR&E uses 1/4″ clear polycarb covers fitted with 4″ access ports when new sump covers are necessary. This allows for visual monitoring of the sump pump without having to remove the lid. The access port allows for easy sump maintenance. Pedestal sump pumps must be replaced with submersible sump pumps to allow for proper sealing of sump basin.


Radon Sump Basin Seal


Sump Depressurization


Sump basins can also be used as the primary sub-slab suction point for the mitigation system. This is typically only done if the sump is in an ideal location for the system installation or if the home has a very high water table. These systems are typically slightly louder than sub-slab depressurization systems as the air movement can be more readily through the plastic as opposed to concrete.

Sump Basin Depressurization



Sump Pedestal Covers


Some special circumstances require a pedestal sump cover.

Pedestal Sump Cover